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   Cano del Grande Casador Branco No 8710/XVIII/06 comes from one of the best breedings of dogo argentino "Del Grande Casador Branco" which is run by Freddie Weber. Cano del Grande Casador Branco was born at the end of April 2006 i and he flew to Poland at the age of 3 months. He was selected from among the litter of  Cuinta del Grande Casador Branco (International Champion, Champion of Belgium, Champion of Luxemburg) No LOSH 923494 and Chaco del Bagual (Champion of Poland, Winner of Poland) No LOE 1363427 in order to provide the best genetic material of dogo argentino to Poland.

    Cano is a balanced dog with strong psyche, obedient and exceptionaly wise, with perfect body proportions, kept incredibly fit. Judges' marks and Cano's scores at many international and national shows, and excellent health results of hips and elbows (hips  HD-A, elbows ED 0/0 - dr Siebieda) fully confirm our choice and all work we do with him.  



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